Gundam News: New Information on Upcoming Gundam 00 Movie

Posted on 3:54 AM by Heer0san

Here's an information regarding the upcoming Gundam 00 Movie entitled "Gundam 00 Next Mission". Information source comes from Cosmic-Era Gundam News Blog last August 23.

The “Gundam 00 Next Mission” event has been held today at the Gundam Big Expo. Some information about the Mobile Suits of the movie sequel of Gundam 00 has been released :

  • Gundam 00 Quanta, Setsuna’s unit. Exia’s lineage. It has binders and shield on its left shoulder, as weel as numerous Funnels (informal name).
  • Gundam Harut, Allelujah’s unit. Harut and Marut are two angels mentioned in the Qur’an. The Gundam has a visor like the Astraea and the GN Archer. It can transform.
  • Gundam Zabaniya, Lyle’s unit. The Zabaaniyah are the gardians of Hell in the Qur’an. Looks like a close-combat unit. It has a slim torso and big legs like the Virtue. It carries a “GN Armor lite” on its back.Main weapon : Double hand gun.
  • Gundam Raphael, Tieria’s unit. See the Archangel Raphael. It has wired cannons in its fingers (like the Belphegor Gundam) and 4 cannons on its shoulders.

Unfortunately, there's no lineart yet of the Gundams mentioned, hopefully Sunrise could post the new designs soon.

Thanks also to SRW Hot News for the heads-up.


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