Gundam News: Images of the Upcoming Gundam 00 Movie

Posted on 12:28 PM by Heer0san

Many sites already spreading news and images of the upcoming Gundam 00 movie, here's a large image screen caps of the movie including the new Gundam designs.
Gundam 00 Movie screen capsGundam 00 Movie Gundam - Gundam 00 Quanta
Whoa Tieria returned to his body to accompany Setsuna and company once more. Another image showing the full design of Setsuna's Gundam 00 Quanta Qan[T]. Kinda reminds me of Gundam 00 head design in Exia's body and the shield reminds me of the wings of 00 Raiser.

UPDATE: additional images of all of the Celestial Beings' Gundams plus new lineart of FLAG and GN-X Mobile suits including an upgraded version of Gundam Dynames?? Click HERE to view the additional images

Images courtesy of Yunakiti Blog. Additional images courtesy of ToysDaily. Thanks also to Ngee Khiong for the heads-up.


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