Transformers News: A Look on TF Generations Red Alert

Posted on 4:50 PM by Heer0san

Transformers Generations Red Alert vehicle mode image

It seems that Transformers Henkei (TF Classics) Red Alert will not be Japanese exclusive figure anymore as Taobao posted an image of Red Alert in its vehicle mode.

The differences between this version and the previously released Henkei is that it sports clear windows, a new Fire Department markings compared to the Henkei which follows faithfully to the G1 version. Another difference is the lightbar attached on the car roof that has the similar design to the previous released TF Universe Prowl unlike the Henkei version sports a different lightbar design.

The figure will likely be released under the Transformers Generations line along with fellow Henkei exclusive Thrust. No release date yet for this figure. Thanks to TFW2005 for the heads-up.


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