Super Robot News: Prototype Image of Max Gokin The Big-O

Posted on 8:36 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Max Gokin The Big-O prototype image

As I posted 2 days ago about the announcement image scan stating that Max Factory will produce a Max Gokin The Big-O, Robot Japan member moleman posted the same magazine article in the forums but this time, its showing the prototype image of The Big-O itself.

The Big-O toy displayed at 2008 toy event in Japan

According another Robot Japan member quinjester, that Max Factory already produced their toy version of the Big-O image (shown) dated back 2 years ago, but never officially released. Since the toy line restarted again, many fans speculated with the success of the Figma series; Max Factory's other toy line, they focused on funding the Max Gokin line once more with The Big-O as their comeback to the line.

There are doubts the Max Gokin line will less likely to succeed unlike in the past, but with harsh criticism review on the last Gokin release, Dragonar-1, stating the lack of die-cast parts, sloppy paint apps and a hefty price tag, many believed that it will happen the same fate for the The Big-O; less die-cast content and a bigger price tag.

Hopefully, Max Factory should able to deal with these issues on their future releases and let's hope the Max Gokin The Big-O has decent accessories, better gimmicks and decent die-cast content; considering the figure stands at towering 12 inches, unlike Bandai's SOC release has less gimmicks and half of its accessories and weapon effects were released exclusively on the web.

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