Transformers News: FansProject Next Project: Casuailty

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FansProject Crossfire side story: Casuailty image teaser

FansProject; the company who made awesome 3rd Party Transformers add-on sets such as the City Commander armor add-on for TF Classic Ultra Magnus, and the recent Protector add-on for Rodimus, is at it again and this time they created a side story for their recently released Crossfire sets titled "Casuailty".

Check out their teaser image of their next project; they will release a recolored versions of Crossfire Munitioner and Exporer with all new head sculpts. Warcry and Flameblast; both recolors of Munitioner (Swindle) and Explorer (Blastoff) respectively has a similar color to their G1 Japanese exclusive characters Leyland and Shuttle Gunner of Battle Gaia set which is also a recolored version of G1 Bruticus from Operation Combination.

Aside from the Crossfire recolor sets, FansProject has added 3 new figures for this line designated as CA-03 to 05, all will soon be released next year. Check out their recent teaser at FansProject website.

Credits to General Tekno of for the heads-up.

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