Other Mecha News: Disney's Fireball Returns

Posted on 6:23 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Fireball Charming Drossel von Flügel image

Fireball fans are now excited for the return of the series this year.

Coming this April, Disney Japan announced the return of Fireball series now titled Fireball Charming, with all new CGI episode shorts starring the cute gynoid Duchess Drossel von Flügel (now sporting with a new design, shown) and her trusty servant Gedächtnis. Jinni Animation returns to do the CG production of the series.

Check out the promo trailer.

Fireball Charming starts this coming April airing on Tokyo MX and on Disney Channel Japan. Check out the latest news over at Fireball Charming's Disney Homepage. Thanks to guNjap for the news.

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