Other Mecha News: Figma Robocop Revealed

Posted on 11:47 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Figma Robocop prototype pic

Robocop never gave a better toy treatment 2 decades ago, but this will all change when Max Factory unveiled at the recent Wonderfest 2011 Winter in Japan their version of Robocop, soon to be released in the Figma line.

Figma Robocop prototype pic 01Figma Robocop prototype pic 02

Though the figure is still in prototype form, I'm pretty excited that Robocop finally gets some toy justice that he deserved. I'm wondering if the helmet is removable, seeing Peter Weller's face (the actor who played the first 2 Robocop movies) and some cool gimmicks / add-ons like the jet pack used in the third movie or his interchangeable weapon arm.

One thing's for sure, this will be the best Robocop figure ever. Thanks to guNjap for the news.

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