Super Sentai News: Mini-Pla Gokai-Oh Add-On Sets Revealed

Posted on 9:01 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Mini-Pla Gokai-Oh add-on set

Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger Facebook page has revealed images of the upcoming Mini-Pla Gokai-Oh add-on sets.

The wave set included are 1: Magi Dragon forming Magi Gokai-Oh, 2: PatStriker forming DekaGokai-Oh and 3 and 4 Gaolion A and B parts forming Gao Gokai-Oh. What's interestingly though in the illustrations, its revealed that the Gaolion has 2 forms: first as we know the Gao Gokai-Oh forming Gokai-Oh in "centaur" mode with Gaolion in its lion mode, now there's the Shinken Gokai-Oh mode where the Gaolion forms the limbs of Shinken Gokai-Oh.

Since Gaoking and Shinken-Oh have the same lion motifs in the designs, the series wanted to use the same animal (in this case the Gaolion) rather create another separate design for Shinkenger armament for Gokai-Oh.

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