Super Sentai News: SRC Gokai-Oh Announced

Posted on 9:55 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Super Robot Chogokin Gokai-Oh from Super Sentai series Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger toy image

This was first posted over at Robot Pilipinas Multiply page. Bandai has announced that the upcoming another Super Robot Chogokin figure from the Super Sentai series.

After Shinken-Oh, now its confirmed that a SRC Gokai-Oh will be releasing in the line as well. Check out the image of SRC Gokai-Oh, Like Shinken-Oh, it will be articulated figure lacking the separation ability.

No date is set yet for the release of the SRC Gokai-Oh, we'll stay tuned for this news. Thanks to CyberGundam for the heads-up.

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