Transformers News: MP-11 Starscream Revealed - UPDATED

Posted on 12:37 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Transformers Masterpiece MP-11A Starscream prototype image

Takara Tomy is on the roll again for releasing the Transformers Masterpiece line following the release of MP-10 Convoy ver. 2, the company will be releasing Masterpiece Starscream once again as confirmed by

Designated as MP-11A, Starscream will be no different from the previous incarnation however there are some design changes in the mold. As seen in the image above, they redesigned mostly the legs, arms and the torso sections. The color will be no different from Hasbro's previously paint scheme. In addition, MP-11A Starscream will have additional accessories, are you ready for this: his coronation set which includes a crown, shoulder pads and cape which is molded in plastic. I wish they had the cape in cloth or pleather instead. Aside from the coronation set, it will include a holographic pilot instead of Dr. Arkeville which was previously released in the set.

For those who missed getting Starscream, well here's your chance. Slated release will be next year. To pre-order the figure, visit Kapow toys for more info on how to order this figure. Price will be around USD 220, this will be a wallet buster.

UPDATE: Red Mercury has posted new colored images of MP-11 Starscream as confirmed the design changes in the original MP mold most notibly the Jet kibble in robot mode is now placed in legs (thank goodness finally). The figure will be in light gray color similar to his original G1 color toy as opposed to Hasbro's MP white color. Check out these colored images by clicking it.

MP-11 Starscream colored image 00MP-11 Starscream colored image 01
MP-11 Starscream colored image 02MP-11 Starscream colored image 03


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