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Starting this month, Robot Pilipinas will feature Robot Toy reviews based on our on hands review of the mecha toys that will be featured here. First of the toy review is the DX Gosei Ground from the 2010 Super Sentai series, Goseiger. Check out the full review.

Toy Feature: Gosei Ground
Series: Tensou Sentai Goseiger
Company: Bandai
Size: Deluxe (DX)
Released: 2010
Accessories: Groundlion vehicle body, Skyion vehicle body, Sealion vehicle body, GoseiKnight figure which transforms to Groundlion Headder / Gosei Ground head, Skyion Headder, Sealion Headder, Gosei Ground Victory Charge Dice-O card, Manual

When I first got this figure for a fellow toy collector friend, I find this figure looked cool. It's big, bulky, and it kicks ass even though I hated the series where this character appeared. I'm talking about is the DX Gosei Ground from the 2010 Super Sentai series, Tensou Sentai Goseiger. Here's my full review of the toy.


DX Gosei Ground Components

Gosei Ground is composed of 3 components: The Groundlion (center) which is the main body and head of Gosei Ground, operated by GoseiKnight that transforms into a Groundlion Headder. The two remaining components, the Knight Brothers Sealion (blue) and Skyion (red) serves as Gosei Ground's legs.

DX Gosei Ground Gosei Knight figure image 00DX Gosei Ground Gosei Knight figure image 01DX Gosei Ground Groundlion headder image 00

As mentioned, there is a GoseiKnight figure included in the set in a form of a Groundlion headder. It kinda sucked when the Groundlion headder is transformed into Gosei Knight, its not proportionate and bulky when in humanoid form, but in headder form; it looks awesome. The Groundlion headder is attached to the main body via a special port/peg that locks into place. The Groundlion headder or any other headders that comes in the set can be also attached on the DX Gosei Blaster (sold separately) but that's another story.

DX Gosei Ground Groundlion vehicle image 00DX Gosei Ground Groundlion vehicle image 01DX Gosei Ground Groundlion vehicle image 02
DX Gosei Ground Skyion vehicle image 00DX Gosei Ground Skyion vehicle image 01DX Gosei Ground Skyion vehicle image 02
DX Gosei Ground Sealion vehicle image 00DX Gosei Ground Sealion vehicle image 01DX Gosei Ground Sealion vehicle image 02

The Groundlion vehicle is assimilated from a dump truck that the Groudlion headder attached to. The design of this vehicle rocks and kinda like the design unlike from the other Gosei mecha line. The Knight Brothers Sealion assimilated a boat while the Skyion took the form from a blimp, the design on them looked pretty simple but not too shabby. The only disappointment I had with this is the connectors is sticking out in their vehicle components. It would be nice if the connectors can be hidden. Among the 3 components, I liked the Groundlion better in terms of design.


To combine to Gosei Ground is to first remove the Groundlion wheels, 2nd half of the dump section and the headder. Fold both Skyion and Sealion head port upwards, fold down Skyion's wings and tail. Connect the Knight Brothers to Groundlion's connecting port holes which forms Gosei Ground's legs with Sealion as the right leg and Skyion on the left leg.

Attach Groundlion's wheels/lower section to connecting ports on the side forms Gosei Ground's arms while the 2nd half of the dump is connected on underbelly of Groundlion forms Gosei Ground's chest plate. Lastly, flip Groundlion / Gosei Knight's legs forward (from Groundlion mode), flip arms/mane downwards, then flip out the cover underneath Groundlion revealing Gosei Ground's face and reconnect back to Groundlion headder port, and you're done.


DX Gosei Ground image 01DX Gosei Ground image 02

Towering around 13" tall, Gosei Ground is an awesome figure to look at. Not only the height that's towering, but also the bulkiness of the figure too even though it looks blocky, but still look cool. The head design of Gosei Ground looks cool even though I didn't like the design of its crown/legs pointing upwards, its like there's a drill on Gosei Ground's head. As with the Super Sentai mecha toys that came before, there's little articulation. Gosei Ground has only articulation on its arms and that's it. Lots of part swapping when playing Gosei Ground mostly during combination, the good thing is there are no left out parts.

Gosei Ground is made entirely of ABS Plastic, there's no die-cast metal content. There are no electronic gimmicks on this figure , the only gimmick of this series is the headder attachment is wherein you can connect headders (sold separately) to special ports to connect and lock in place. Gosei Ground has 6 headder ports (2 each component), three already used for the combination. Comparing with the other headders from the line, Gosei Ground's headders included in the set are slight bigger (most especially the Knight Brothers) than the early released headders.

Although Gosei Ground doesn't have any weapons included, he has holes in its hand which can hold any Gosei mecha weapons. Additional accessory that comes with the set is Gosei Ground's Victory Charge card which can be scanned to a Dice-O card machine or to Gosei Knight's DX Leon celluar set (sold separately) with code# 919 to activate the voice in the cellular. Like any 6th member mecha, Gosei Ground can also be combined with Gosei Great (sold separately) to form Ground Gosei Great, but that review will come another time (if I can find a Gosei Great figure).


Despite with little articulation, some bad designs, and dull gimmick, I find Gosei Ground still worth a play value. It would be nice addition to my Super Sentai collection, if I can afford one due to its hefty price tag which cost about Php 4,500 in specialty shops for a MISB toy. But if you can find this one like my friend did at a fraction of the original price for a loose figure in the secondary market, it is worth it. My rate for Gosei Ground is 3.5 out of 5.

DX Gosei Ground image 02

I would like to thank Mr. Carlo Papa for lending me the Gosei Ground figure for this toy review.

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