Super Robot News: SOC Daiohja Official Images

Posted on 11:30 PM by Robot Pilipinas


CyberGundam has posted official images of the next Soul of Chogokin figure, Daiohja designated as GX-61


The SOC Daiohja set composed of Ace-Reder, Aoider, and Cobalter, the 3 robots that forms Daiohja. Other accessories include Ace-Reder's Ace Saber, Aoider's Beam gun, Cobalter's Hammer chain and shield for the individual components' weapons while Daiohja's weapons consist of Raimei Ken, Beam Bowgun, Grapper x 2 and Daiohja shield. The weapons can be placed in a beautiful display rack.


The SOC Daiohja is slated for April release and priced at 23,000 Yen.

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