Super Robot News: Voltron Vehicle Team Figure In Works??

Posted on 10:20 PM by Robot Pilipinas


A Toy site called Toy Freakz has posted prototype images of it would seem Voltron Vehicle team figure.

According to Toy Freakz, the figure will stand at least 13" tall and it will contain die-cast. The good part is that it can be separated to 15 vehicles (5 vehicles per team) and it will have SOC-like articulation. The question is who is the maker of this prototype?


There's no news yet what company made the prototype. Is it either Bandai CM's or Toynami made this, but one thing's for sure if this get out mass produced, it will be an additional collection to Voltron fans everywhere. If Bandai or CM's is the maker, it will be released in either the SOC line or Brave Gokin under its original name, Dairugger XV.


Whether this news is true or rumor, we'll stay tuned for further developments.


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