Gundam News: Gundam AGE New Artwork Feat. Asemu Asuno

Posted on 2:07 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE new anime artwork featuring Asemu Asuno

Thanks to guNjap, we have a new visual art image of the ongoing Gundam AGE series now featuring Asemu Asuno as the next pilot of the new Gundam.

In the image shown Asemu Asuno (front) is Flit Asuno's son and pilot of new Gundam AGE-2 and he's next main character of the ongoing series. Next to him on the right image is none other than Flit himself, all grown up.

I can't wait for this story begin. I kinda felt the Age-2's basic design has Gundam 00 design feel. Moreover I'm looking forward what are the other optional units that can be put on the AGE-2 like its successor, Flit's AGE-1. We'll just find out in the coming episodes.

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