Super Robot News: SRC Grendizer Revealed

Posted on 2:16 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Super Robot Chogokin Grendizer image 00

Bandai has once again dropped the bomb on another soon to be released Super Robot Chogokin figure, its none other than Go Nagai's Grendizer.

Super Robot Chogokin Grendizer image 01Super Robot Chogokin Grendizer image 02

The figure was unveiled at the on-going Lucca Comic & Games 2012 in Italy where Grendizer was popular during the 70's; known to them as Goldrake. Italian fans are eager to get this hands on piece, I'm wondering what accessories does Grendy will have or is it going to have an expansion set similar to Mazinger Z and Gaogaigar? But its too early to tell. This is the 2nd Grendizer figure Bandai will be releasing, the first one was released in the Soul of Chogokin line years ago.

For now, there's no word as of yet when will this be release and how much. So we'll have to stay tuned for more updates on this breaking news. Thanks to Cybergundam for the heads-up.

1 Response to "Super Robot News: SRC Grendizer Revealed"

GTM Says....

It looks really nice! I will definitely one. But it seems like it could be a March or April 2013 release.


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