Super Sentai News: Power Rangers Legacy Dino Megazord Unvieled

Posted on 3:25 PM by Robot Pilipinas


As the news spreading regarding the upcoming release of the Legacy Dino Megazord as the commemoration of Power Rangers 20th Anniversary in the US, Bandai has finally unveiled the toy itself at the recent NY Toy Fair 2013.


As it was stated previously news around the net, the Legacy Dino Megazord is a reproduction of the early DX Daizyujin that was released in Japan in 1992 under the Super Sentai Series Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger line and re-packaged as the Dino Megazord in 1993 when Power Rangers began airing in the US 20 years ago. The toy itself will contain Die-cast parts which lacks in original toy and an awesome metallic and chrome paint job and original Japanese markings to boot. The toy will be repackaged in its original US packaging.

So, fans who haven't got hands on the DX Daizyujin or the Dino Megazord, well, here's your chance to own one as it will be releasing anytime soon. Thanks to Tokunation for the awesome images.

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