Transformers News: More Upcoming Transformers Generations Figures Official Images - UPDATED

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(New info update as of 02/11/13) Since the news on the 2ft Titan Class Metroplex, we're not done posting the news on the upcoming Transformers figures, other scale class figures in the Generations line will be releasing a slew wave of figures this year which focuses back to Generation 1 and also marks the upcoming 30th Anniversary of Transformers next year.


This year also marks the return of the G1 Triple Changers in 5 years, which the first Triple Changer figure, Astrotrain which was released way back in 2006 under the Classics line and Octane (aka Tankor) in the TF Universe line in 2008, today Springer and Blitzwing will be released in the Generations line and as Voyager class sized figures, love the Blitzwing design IMHO, but the biggest surprise is that I've read about Blitzwing's gimmick which features rotating face similar to his TF Animated version.


Aside from the Voyager class figures, the Deluxe class scale figures isn't left out either. Releasing in this scale is Trailcutter (aka Trailbreaker) finally got some justice in making him in this scale class. Other figures will be released are the Stealth Bomber Megatron, Bumblebee and Orion Pax which their designs are from the on-going IDW comic stories which also includes comics that come along with the figures.

Check out these awesome figures. Expect them at the toy ailes anytime soon. Again, thanks to TFW2005 for the news.

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