Other News: CM's Corporation Folded, Company Filed Bankruptcy

Posted on 1:17 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Its sad to see a company that produces toys goes bakrupt, just recently CM's Corporation, the company that gave some mecha toys such as their flagship Brave Gokin and Mecha Action Series (MAS) line calls it quits as the company files for bankruptcy.

According to Yahoo Japan, the Japanese toy maker just filed for bankruptcy in Tokyo District Court last March 3 which totally amounting to 400 million Yen (almost close to USD 4 Million dollars) in debt. The cause the of the company's bankrupt contributed with low sales in their toys and failing to sell/disposing some of their old stocks of their products. The recent 2011 Earthquake in Japan also contributed in the company's downfall as well.

The question now remains, now that CM's Corporation went under, where will the unreleased products, toy prototypes and their employees will go after this? I hope that the only way to save this company and their product line through merging with other companies similar to Takara-Tomy merger, but the way this is going, it seems its going under for good but that's just my opinion. CM's corporation is not the only toy company that went bankrupt, Clover and Takatoku toys meted the same fate in the 80's as Takatoku toys sold most of their toy product development to Bandai and Hasbro respectively after it went under.

Thanks to Tomopop for this sad news.

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