Transformers News: TF Generations Superion and Menasor Official Images

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Fresh from the ongoing San Diego Comic Convention 2014, Hasbro officially unveils Superion and Menasor combiner figures in their 2015 TF Generations line-up. Wait, Superion and Menasor?! Yes, they are doing it and Transformers fans didn't expect this news that Hasbro finally makes a decent combiner figures.

As the 3rd party figures continue to produce high quality Transformers combiner figures, its a surprise to see that Hasbro finally listens to its fans and gave in to their demands. Hasbro offers not 1, but 2 combiner sets: their rendition of 2 G1 combiner teams: the Aerialbots and the Stunticons, which both were given 3rd party treatment releases in the past. Hasbro already learns from their mistakes in making combiner figures (previous FoC Bruticus and Ruination sets), they finally got it right and will release these upcoming combiners. The combiner components will be released in 2 sizes: the deluxe figures will make up for the limbs and a voyager class figure that will serve as the main core of the combiner set. Hasbro also announced that the limbs are interchangeable with each other, meaning you can swap the limbs, just like its original G1 toy gimmick in the past.

Since were on the topic on the combiners, Hasbro made some big changes in the team member lineup: as the Aerialbots were composed of planes, Hasbro decided to change one of the vehicle modes on one of the members, Slingshot was changed from a Harrier jet to a helicopter and also the name change to Alpha Bravo. This same goes to the Stunticons lineup as Wildrider's vehicle mode was changed to an off-road type rather than the usual car mode, so his name as well to suit his new vehicle mode. Since the combiners will be composed of five robots, Hasbro decided to add a 6th member in the Stunticon lineup, an unnamed character that will serve as Menasor's chest plate. The figure is a legends class figure that also transforms. The reason for the additional component is that Motormaster was not an original mold intended for the combiner mode since he's a retool of the upcoming release of TF Generations Optimus Prime.

Love it or hate it on what they did, Hasbro really made the initiative in giving Transformer fans what they want. Who knows, maybe they're already planning to make Predaking next (just joking, but hoping). For now check out these awesome images.

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