Transformers News: TF Generations Ultra Magnus Official Images

Posted on 5:21 PM by Robot Pilipinas

There still a lot of news of upcoming Transformers toy releases following the highlight at Hasbro Toy Fair 2015, so let's continue, aside from the Combiner Wars Defensor and Devastator, they will also release a Leader class version of Ultra Magnus this coming Spring.

If you don't have budget buying a Masterpiece Ultra Magnus, then this figure is an alternative choice. I'm glad Hasbro was able make such figure like Ultra Magnus and they did impressed me in doing that. Like the MP version, Magnus transforms into the car carrying truck as one-piece, which means it doesn't transform into a two-piece combination with a white Optimus Prime figure with the trailer serving as its power-up armor.

Magnus will come with two missile pods; mounted on its shoulder and they are rocket firing, gatling gun and his signature rifle. All of his weapons can combine into one giant hammer, which now also became an official weapon on all Ultra Magnus incarnations. He will also include Minimus Ambus figure as his partner that also transforms into a Cybertronian car.

The Transformers Generations Ultra Magnus is slated for Spring release and priced at USD 44.99. Thanks to TFW2005 for the news.

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