Transformers News: TF Combiner Wars Defensor Official Images

Posted on 3:40 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Before Devastator will be released this coming Fall, Hasbro will first release the updated version of Defensor, another G1 Autobot gestalt also will be released in the Combiner Wars line this coming Spring.

Like Superion and Menasor, Defensor will be composed of 5-part robot gestalt with interchangeable limbs and the 6th member will be either a weapon or a part of the combiner form. In this case, Defensor will be composed of 6 Protectorbots with a new member joining in the team: Rook and as for Groove, he will be the chest part of Defensor and I'm not happy being him as a chest piece.

Its good to see that they have new alt modes, mostly Hotspot and the newcomer, Rook and as usual, Hasbro did recycle of the molds used from the previous release of Superion and Menasor. Blades, First Aid and Streetwise being Alpha Bravo, Off-Road, and Dead End respectively.

The whole Wave 3 Deluxe figures release will be focused entirely on the Protectorbots, while Hotspot and Groove will be released also in the Wave 3 Voyager and Legends Class assortment respectively. All of the figures will be released with either a Combiner Wars comic book issue published by IDW publishing or a collector's card in the package. The Protectorbots Deluxe figures will be priced at USD 16.99 each while their leader Hotspot is priced at USD 24.99 and Groove is priced at USD 9.99. Thanks again to TFW2005 for the news.

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