Gundam News: HGUC Silver Bullet (Gael Chan ver.) Official Images

Posted on 2:32 PM by Heer0san

Bandai will be releasing the ARX-014 Silver Bullet Gael Chan ver. which was seen in the Final Episode of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVA, to be released as Bandai Hobby Online Shop Exclusive.

As we all know the Silver Bullet is a modified version of the original Doven Wolf used by the Neo Zeon in the war, it was later modified with replacing the original head with a Gundam-type head, but retains most of its original weaponry. Used by Gael Chan of the Vist Foundation in the Final episode of MS Gundam Unicorn OVA against Full Frontal's Neo Zeong.

The Silver Bullet includes the Beam Rifle, 2 Beam Sabers, Shield with a built-in Beam launcher, alternate set of hands, wire effect parts to assimilate Silver Bullet's wired hand attack, Anti-ship missile, and an alternate GM head (which was seen in the UC Mobile Suit Variation)

Pre-order for this kit starts today, June 12 and it will be released this coming September. The HGUC Silver Bullet (Gael Chan ver.) is priced at 2,484 Yen.

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