Video Game News: Transformers Devastation Game New Info And Teaser Trailer Revealed

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In my last post, it was revealed that a new Transformers game, Transformers Devastation, published by Activision which the game will be based on the Generation 1 franchise and some tidbit info of the game. Now reports as coming in live from the E3 2015 event regarding the upcoming Transformers game. Check out the new info we have so far after the break.

According to the reports, the game will only be a single player and it has no multiplayer feature (which I've mentioned in the last post that I'm hoping to have that feature) and the player can only control the Autobots in the game. Also, a PC version of the game will be available as well aside from the earlier mentioned formats. The development team that made games such as Bayonetta and Legend of Korra were also the same team behind developing Transformers Devastation.

Also inspiration of the game, according to the developers came primarily, (well of course) from the G1 cartoon and some of the ideas came from IDW publishing and other various media as well, so to say they did a great job and making this game, catered to G1 fans and gamers alike.

A gameplay footage video of the game will be revealed tomorrow, June 16 (in the US) at 6PM ET (Eastern time), so we have to watch out for that. Also, a 44 second teaser trailer is already up courtesy of PlatinumGames, so check out the video which by the way the game's so wickedly awesome after seeing it.

Thanks to TFW2005 for the latest updates.

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