Gundam News: Armor Girls Project MS Girl Gundam Mk. II (Titans Ver.) Official Images

Posted on 7:12 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Bandai finally posted the official individual images of the upcoming MS Girl Gundam Mk. II (Titans Ver.) to be released in the Armor Girls Project line this coming December.

As I stated in my last post, the Mk. II features gimmicks such as docking with the G-Defenser (Titans ver.) included in the set to form the Super Gundam Girl and also has conversion armor parts to transform the Mk. II into another mobile suit, the Refined Barzam.

Another feature is you can mix and match a number of combinations that you can fully arm a number of weapons included in the set, either as the Mk. II or as a Barzam, the imagination is endless.

The MS Girl Gundam Mk. II (Titans ver.) comes with its beam rifle, 2 beam sabers, shield, detachable vulcan gun pod that can attached on the head, grenade launcher can be attached underneath the beam rifle or to the G-Defenser, Barzam parts (head gear part, chest armor, pair of shoulder armors, front/rear skirt armor) , additional back pack, G-Defenser, arm joint parts for the G-Defenser, long rifle, additional set of optional hands, and 4 facial expressions.

The AGP MS Girl Gundam Mk. II (Titans Ver.) is priced at 11,880 Yen.

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