Gundam News: Robot Damashii Providence Gundam Official Images

Posted on 10:48 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Premium Bandai has posted official images of Providence Gundam from the first Gundam SEED series that will be released this coming January 2016 as Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive.

Providence Gundam is the third of the ZAFT ZGMF-X series built along with its brother units, the Freedom Gundam and Justice Gundam, used by Rau La Creuset against Kira Yamato's Freedom Gundam at the Battle of Jachin Due.

The Providence Gundam features removable DRAGOON pods and each pod comes with effect parts to emulate the DRAGOON's deployement. Providence will also include the "Judicium" Beam Rifle, and a beam saber blade effect part that can be attached to the Composite Armed Shield on its left arm.

Accepting of pre-orders for this figure will start on August 7 and it is priced at 10,800 Yen.

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