Gundam News: High Grade Graze & Graze Commander Type Official Images

Posted on 2:05 AM by Robot Pilipinas

If you're still having an appetite for more Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans model kit release news, check out the mass production Mobile Suits Graze and its commander type variant version that will "graze" in the High Grade line.

Its pretty much obvious the difference of the regular Graze and the commander type variant (aside from the colors), the commander type variant has armor shins on its legs and additional thrusters on its back and shoulders for additional mobility and with its built in injection claw on its left arm, it can smash enemy mobile suits in close range or mid range attacks.

Of course the gimmick feature on both kits that lets you use its parts to interchange / upgrade the upcoming HG Gundam Barbatos kit (sold separately). Both Graze units comes with a standard Battle axe and rifle. The standard unit will also include a horn part while the commander type variant will also include an injection claw and lead accessories. Both kits have their own sticker decal sheet and assembly instruction manuals.

Both are slated for October release, the HG Graze and HG Graze Commander Type are both priced at 1,000 Yen each. Thanks to TAG Hobby for the news.

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