SDCC 2015 News: Power Rangers Legacy Thunder Megazord Revealed

Posted on 4:37 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Its time for San Diego Comic Con 2015 News: Bandai America has finally unveiled their upcoming Thunder Megazord figure to be released in the Legacy collection line.

Like the previously released Legacy Dino Megazord, the Thunder Megazord is entirely a new mold and what's great about it is it paid homage to the Japanese Dairenoh motif markings rather the Power Rangers insignia markings on the figure.

No word or details of the Thunder Megazord is compatible with the Zord Builder vehicles and since the White Tigerzord was released previously, there are no details as of yet if 4 of the Thunder Megazord components can combine with the Tigerzord to form the Tiger Megazord, but I'm pretty sure that feature will be there since they were all depicted in the series.

The official release and pricing for this figure has not yet announced, so let's stay tuned for further updates. Thanks to Toku Nation for the news and images.

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