SDCC 2015 News: Upcoming Transformers Toy Releases

Posted on 6:08 AM by Robot Pilipinas

At the ongoing San Diego Comic Con, the Hasbro panel team has announced their product line-up of Transformers toys to be released in the months ahead.

We all know they already announced (since BotCon) that they will continue the Combiner Wars line, continuing with the upcoming release of Bruticus, Sky Reign (Sky Lynx's combiner form), and Optimus Maximus, Hasbro will also release Generation 2 versions of Superion and Menasor that will be released as a giftset.

The biggest surprise of them all is that they will also release the fan voted and the first female Transformer combiner, Victorion which consists of Pyra Magna (Hot Spot remold), Stormclash and Skyburst (Alpha Bravo remold), Jumpstream, (Breakdown remold), and Dustup (Dead End remold) and Rust Dust (Legends Groove remold) and all of the components are uniformly colored.

Another combiner that will be released as well: Betatron which consist of Scattershot who happens to be a Voyager Silverbolt retool, and the upcoming CW Autobots. Still no word if we're getting Computron in the CW line and since Scattershot will be released soon, its possible that the other Technobot members will get their CW versions as well (fingers crossed).

On to the Masterpiece news: Blue Streak gets a US release (which is now available) but we didn't expect that Starscream will be re-released in the US well using the MP-11 mold (obviously), slated for October release and probably (again) as a Toys R Us exclusive. No word as of yet regarding news about the rumored MP28 Hound which is still a mystery.
No news as of yet regarding the details on their next toy line, the Titan Wars but we're still hoping that they will discuss it in the following days of the Con. Thanks to TFW2005 for the images and the news coverage of the event.

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