Transformers News: Transformers Combiner Wars Scattershot Official Images

Posted on 1:57 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Last of the official Combiner Wars retool release: Hasbro will also release the Technobot leader Scattershot along with Superion, Menasor, and Victorion.

Scattershot is a retool of Voyager class CW Silverbolt (man, I'm disappointed at Hasbro that didn't made him a new mold) and unfortunately, his Technobot buddies is not yet confirmed if they will be a part of the Combiner Wars line or not. However, Scattorshot can combine with 4 of the upcoming CW Deluxe Autobots: Mirage, Ironhide, Sunstreaker and Prowl; together they form Betatron.

No word as of yet when Scattorshot will be released and its official pricing.

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