Transformers News: Transformers Combiner Wars Victorion Official Images

Posted on 6:45 PM by Robot Pilipinas

After the recolors, on to the retools: Hasbro has will soon release the fan made combiner and the first female Transformer gestalt, Victorion to be released also in the Combiner Wars line.

The combiner is formed from 6 Female Autobots starting with Pyra Magna which she is a Hot Spot remold with a retooled CW Prowl head, Stormclash and Skyburst; an Alpha Bravo remold, Jumpstream; a Breakdown remold, and Dustup; Dead End remold and Rust Dust; a Legends Groove remold. All of the Deluxe fembots features a distinct female headsculpt.

Victorion is the only Combiner in the line with a uniform 2-tone red and green color scheme and also features new set of hands and feminine-like feet. She also includes her sword which can be split into 5 weapons of her individual component fembots.

No word as of yet when she will be released and its official pricing.

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