WonFest 2015 Summer: Evolution Toy Upcoming Releases

Posted on 5:23 AM by Robot Pilipinas

At the Wonder Festival 2015, Evolution Toys unveils new line of Dynamite action figures and Metal action vehicle lines that will be released on retail soon.

Check out the images of soon to be released Dynamite action figures such as the Neo Getter 1, Bergas 5, the upcoming VF-2SS Valkyrie II from Macross II, Nyago King / The Supreme Catatonic from Samurai Pizza Cats, Tesujin 28 FX and Laserion.

Wait, did I mentioned Laserion? Oh yes I did, and yes finally there's a decent Laserion fig that will be released soon, so Laserion fans, rejoice!

Image Source: TAG Hobby

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