WonFest 2015 Summer: Upcoming Transformers Toy Releases

Posted on 3:19 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Aside from the Daiclone Reboot display, TakaraTomy unveils their upcoming Transformers toy releases that are displayed at Wonder Festival 2015.

Of course, most of the toys were displayed at the event are officially announced, but the highlight toy in that display is none other than the upcoming Transformers Masterpiece Ironhide which is designated as MP-27. In my opinion, the figure looks great but I'm a little disappointed at its hip armor protruding on his sides, its making Ironhide a little cartoon inaccurate, but I'm okay with it despite the hip armor letdown.

Other toys displayed are the upcoming Unite Warriors Menasor and Devastator, Transformers Legends Ultra Magnus and Blackarachnia, and soon to be released Transformers Masterpiece Tracks and Road Rage.

Image Source: TAG Hobby and TFW2005

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