WonFest 2015 Summer: Incoming Zoids Figures - UPDATED

Posted on 7:10 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Heads-up Zoids fans, Kotobukiya will still unleash a few Zoids figures that were unveiled at Wonder Festival 2015 Summer.

We all know that Kotobukiya will release the Murasame Liger 1/100 action figure in their initial ZOIDS AGGRESSIVE line which was already announced months back, now they unveiled the Hayate Liger as their next ZA figure soon to be released.

The biggest surprise is that Koto will continue the High-end Master Model kit line after from its long hiatus and they will release Deathstinger as the sign of their revival of the line. Check out the prototype images.

No word as of yet when HMM Deathstinger or the ZA Hayate Liger will be released.


Kotoboukiya will also release a Limited ZOIDS AGGRESSIVE Murasame Liger figure sporting a different shade of blue plastic. The said figure will be released, bundled to the upcoming Zoids Genesis Blu-ray BOX set that will be released next year.

Image source: AmiAmi Blog and Dengeki Hobby

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