Gundam News: Robot Damashii Strike Noir Officially Revealed

Posted on 1:30 AM by Heer0san

Bandai officially revealed that the Strike Noir is the next Robot Damashii Mobile Suit figure to be released this coming January 2016.

The Srike Noir is one of mobile suits that appeared from Gundam SEED's Side Story, C.E. 73: STARGAZER ONA (Original Net Animation). The unit is developed from the Strike Gundam IWSP and assigned to Phantom Pain pilot Sven Cal Bayang, used the mobile suit on special OPS missions.

The Strike Noir will include optional set of hands, 2 "Shorty" Beam rifles, 2 "Fragarach 3" Beam Blades and 2 High-energy Beam rifles. No official price as of yet but according to TAG Hobby, the figure is priced at 6,500 Yen. We'll just have to wait from Bandai the official price of this figure and the additional official images.

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