Super Robot News: Dynamite Action! Laserion Official Images

Posted on 5:59 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Matrix In! Laserion fans rejoice! EVOLUTION TOY finally released the official images of the upcoming Laserion figure in their Dynamite Action! line and its the 1st Laserion figure in 31 years, the first toy was released in 1984 in Bandai's Chogokin/Godaikin line.

Finally we'll be able to get an anime show accurate of Laserion, and like the original Bandai toy, EVOLUTION TOY's Dynamite Action! Laserion can dismantle its inner parts and the parts forms into 2 vehicle modes: the Laser Tank and the commonly used mode of transportation, the Laser fighter and the head core unit can also form an independent mini robot unit. Articulation isn't left out on this toy thanks to its Magne-joints where the figure has good articulation.

Laserion will include his signature weapons: Laser sword, Beam bazooka, Laser rod, 2 Laser cutters, and will also include its Laser Battle Gear armor parts which upgrades Laserion to its armored mode. Its slated for December release and priced at a whopping 30,000 Yen. Thanks to TAG Hobby for the news.

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