Super Robot News: Dynamite Action! Albegas New Edition Official Images

Posted on 11:57 PM by Robot Pilipinas

EVOLUTION TOY will be re-releasing Albegas once again in their Dynamic Action! line this coming November before the release of Laserion.

Like the first release DA! Albegas, it retains most of weapons and accessories, the upcoming New Edition version will include New Super Abega in the set rather the Super Abega that was included before. The New Super Abega comes with 2 versions that will be included in the set: the individual bipedal mecha modes and its jet mode components that can combine to 1 super jet.

The DA! Albegas includes, the Alpha Robo, Beta Robo, Gamma Robo, their individual swords that can be combined to one large sword, their individual weapons; Denjin Kanfu (Alpha), Denjin Lancer (Beta), Denjin Arrow (Gamma), set of optional hands per component, and two versions of New Super Abega components (New Alpha, Beta and Gamma): the individual bipedal mecha and their jet modes.

The Dynamic Action! Albegas is priced at 20,800 Yen. Thanks to TAG Hobby for the news.

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