Video Game News: Robot Girls Z ONLINE Daimos Campaign Event Started

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A new campaign event for the online game, Robot Girls Z ONLINE started where players gets a chance to acquire new unit characters, Daimo-kun and Richter.

The event started last September 3, where players will be playing in a special event campaign map and gets a chance to acquire the limited units, Daimo-kun, voiced by Ayaka Fukuhara; the girl version of Daimos from the series, Tosho Daimos and a female version of Richter (aka Ulrich in the Philippine dub version); voiced by Lynn, her arch-nemesis during the event period. I really want to play this game, but unfortunately, the game is only catered to players within Japan, awww... :( . The said campaign will continue till October 1.

Daimo-kun is the 3rd character from the Robot Romance Trilogy appeared in Robot Girls Z ONLINE, the girl versions of Voltes V (Volte-san) and Combattler V (V-chan); shown images above, previously appeared in the game, as event campaign units as well and together they are dubbed as "Team Chodenji". Daimo-kun, Volte-san and V-chan's character designs are homages to the 3 female protagonists: Erika, Megumi Oka (aka Jaime Robinson in the Philippine dub) and Chizuru Nanbara (aka Stephanie Nanbara in the Philippine dub) respectively.

Robot Girls Z ONLINE is a Japanese-only MMORPG web browser game developed by UserJoy Japan Games, based on the anime series, Robot Girls Z by Toei where famous Super Robots such as Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, etc. were re-imagined as cute girls.

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