Gundam News: Robot Damashii Strike Rouge (Sora No Kira Ver.) Official Images

Posted on 3:14 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Premium Bandai will release the Strike Rouge; Cagalli Yula Athha's personal mobile suit in Kira Yamato's Phase shift color setup, to be released in the Robot Damashii line as a Tamashii Web shop exclusive.

This version of the Strike Rouge represents Kira borrowed Cagalli's mobile suit to rescue their allied ship, the Eternal from ZAFT pursuers in space and unlike from the original scene from the Gundam SEED Destiny episode where the Strike Rouge is equipped with an Aile Striker pack, this version is equipped with the Strike Rouge's Ootori Striker pack instead that appeared in the HD remastered version of the series, hence this version called Kira in the Skies (Sora no Kira), a reference to the original episode title first originally aired in 2004.

The Strike Rouge Kira ver. comes with the Ootori Striker pack, Beam rifle, shield, Large Anti-ship Sword, and option set of hands. Preorders for this figure starts today and it will be released this coming February 2016.

The RD Strike Rouge (Sora no Kira ver.) is priced at 7,560 Yen.

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