Tokusatsu News: SIC Hakaider Official Images

Posted on 9:39 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Premium Bandai will be releasing a Super Imaginative Chogokin (SIC) version of Hakaider, one of the popular villains from the Kikaider franchise in the 70's and as well as an anti-hero in his own titular movie in the 90's as a Tamashii Web shop exclusive.

As many of the SICs released before, the figure's design presents a different take of the original character's design, which giving it a hideous or monsterous in appearance. Hakaider will include his signature weapon, the Hakaider shot rifle, a damaged chest part replacement, set of hands, left leg replacement for storing the Hakaider shot.

Preorders for this figure starts today, September 4 and slated for February 2016 release. The SIC Hakaider figure is priced at 7,344 Yen.

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