Transformers News: Transformers Masterpiece Clampdown Official Images

Posted on 6:44 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Its repaints galore once again as TakaraTomy will be releasing another Sideswipe / Red Alert repaint, Clampdown to be released in the Transformers Masterpiece line, designated as MP-14C.

The figure is based on the a Diaclone toy, New Countach LP500S Police Car Type which later became known as Red Alert, and the Diaclone toy was later released in the G1 toy line with its brother, Deep Cover as an e-Hobby exclusive way back in 2003. Its ironic that the Masterpiece version of Clampdown will be released as an exclusive again, this time as a TakaraTomy Mall exclusive, limited to 2000 pieces, similar to the upcoming release of MP Thundercracker.

It is also noted that the toy will be released outside of Japan as well through Transformers Asia release which was confirmed in their official Facebook page. Clampdown comes with an Automatic handgun, Rocket launcher, a set of Pile drivers, character card and instruction manual.

Preorders for Clampdown will start on September 14 and slated for December release. The TF Masterpiece Clampdown is priced at 7,992 Yen.

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