Anime News: Full Metal Panic! Gets A New Anime Adaptation

Posted on 2:38 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Publisher Fujimi Shobo has announced a new Full Metal Panic! anime adaptation is currently in the works.

It was announced at the Fantasia Bunko Big Thanksgiving 2015 last Saturday that the new anime adaptation of Shoji Gatoh and Shikidouji's light novel is coming. Fujimi Shobo's Dragon Magazine had published last year's September issue a feature on Full Metal Panic! with an art that teased "Coming Soon." Though they haven't gave any details regarding this news whether a reboot of the anime series or a continuation to where the series left off.

Full Metal Panic! is an action mecha light novel series which centers around a mercenary group called Mithril on a parallel Earth in which the Cold War did not end in 1991. The series started in 1998 and ended last 2010 spanning to 12 volumes. The novel series has also inspired several manga spinoff series, as well as several light novel spinoffs and short story collections. It was later adapted into 3 anime TV series and an OVA episode.

Tokyopop released the English adaptation of the first 3 volumes of the novel before the company shut down in 2011. Funimation has distributed the rights of the series; released all three TV anime series and the OVA on DVD and Blu-ray Disc, ADV Films also released the first two anime series on DVD before Funimation relicensed the series again.

Kadokawa recently released all of TV series and the OVA on Blu-ray in Japan with an English dub in 2013 to commemorate the franchise's 15th anniversary.

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