Transformers News: Transformers Masterpiece Hot Rod Ver. 2.0 Official Images

Posted on 3:15 AM by Robot Pilipinas

And its finally out and official, check out the full official images of the upcoming Transformers Masterpiece Hot Rodimus aka Hot Rod ver. 2.0, officially designated as MP-28.

As the rumors said, Hot Rod will be smaller compared to the first MP release, but the transformation gimmick to turn him to Rodimus Prime is no longer optional and he will be released simply has Hot Rod. Hot Rod features great articulation which he can do a sitting pose as seen in the movie, a flip-up visor gimmick similar to the previous MP release, a flip-up front engine that can mount his gun when in vehicle mode, and a Matrix chamber that fits the MP-10 Optimus Prime's Matrix of Leadership accessory into Hot Rod's chest.

He comes with the accessories and weapons that he used in the Animated movie and TV series such as his 2 blasters, a fishing rod and a much bigger buzzsaw accessory. Too bad no Targetmaster Firebolt is included in this release, I've wished TakaraTomy should have included that in the set as well.

Hot Rod is slated for February 2016 release and priced at around 8,000 Yen. Thanks to TFW2005 for the images.

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