Gundam News: ASSAULT KINGDOM Qubeley Mk-II Set Official Images

Posted on 5:51 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Aside from the Quin Mantha, Premium Bandai will be releasing not one, but two Qubeley Mk-II's, in their iconic paint color schemes, in the ASSAULT KINGDOM line as Premium Bandai Candy Toy Online Shop exclusive.

The Mk-II's are a slight retool of the upcoming ASSAULT KINGDOM release of Haman Karn's Qubeley, but unlike the Qubeley, the Mk-II set doesn't come with the funnel accessory, instead it comes with extra set of hands and beam saber for each unit. The toy also comes with a single soda flavored gum in the package.

Accepting pre-orders for the set starts today, November 13 and like the Quin Mantha, it will be released this coming March. The ASSAULT KINGDOM Qubeley Mk-II set is priced at 4,104 Yen and if you buy this set bundled with the Quin Mantha, its priced at 17,928 Yen.

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