Transformers News: Titans Return Powermaster Optimus Prime Official Images - UPDATED

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Heads up people and I mean literally, it seems that we're getting another Optimus Prime figure in the Titans Return line and this time Hasbro will be releasing a Powermaster version.

This was revealed by the Transformers Brand Team which was held at the Google Hangout earlier this week where they revealed some new items and toys that are set to release next year and the Powermaster Optimus is one of the figures to be released in the upcoming Titans Return line.

Based on the images, the figure is a heavily retooled version of the recently released Leader Class Ultra Magnus. In Titans Return, Optimus is now officially a Headmaster with Apex Ginrai as his Headmaster partner. Aside from being the Headmaster, the figure also is a triple changer which aside from the vehicle and robot modes, Prime can also transform to a battle station, a feature that was never mentioned previously with the Ultra Magnus toy. Since this is a Powermaster version of Optimus Prime, there's no mention as of yet if he has a Powermaster gimmick but the abdomen design pays tribute to his Powermaster form.

Anyway, there's no word as of yet when in 2016 exactly or what wave number from the line will he be released, looks like we'll have to stay tuned for further developments. Thanks to TFW2005 for the major "Heads"-up!


This just came in, Hasbro Pulse released the official packaging art of Powermaster Optimus Prime, see the images above and it also confirms that the name of his Headmaster partner is now Ginrai, as mentioned.

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