Tamashii Nation 2015: Upcoming Macross Toys And Display Exhibit (Part I)

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After the official unveiling of Macross Δ TV series, a special exhibit for the Macross franchise is displayed at recently concluded Tamashii Nation 2015 (that was held from October 30 till November 1), where it showcased numerous new Macross toys that are lined up on display in celebration of its 33rd anniversary of the franchise.

We already know that the VF-31 Siegfried and the Sv-262 Draken III will be released in the DX Chogokin line from our previous report, now we'll cover the other upcoming Macross toys that will be released soon.

First off, in the HI-METAL R line which will release numerous figures in their line-up, we already know that the movie version of VF-1S Roy Focker will be released as a Tamashii Web exclusive, at the exhibit we see the actual toy on display, along with the display base and the official packaging for the figure (shown images above). What's really surprising are the upcoming toys that are lined-up following the release of the Regult Battlepod, check out the toy images of the upcoming VF-1A (Kakizaki Unit, TV version), the the recon VF, VE-1 Eint Seeker, the VT-1 Super Ostrich training Valkyrie, TV version of the VF-1S with Super FAST Pack, and Max's VF-1J TV version.

Aside from the upcoming HI-METAL R VF's, the Macross' ground defense mecha, the Destroid series will be getting their own toys as well. Check out the toy images of Destroids Spartan Mk. II, Tomahawk, Phalanx and the humongous Destroid Monster.

Of course, we won't forget the Zentradi mechas, check out the toy images of HI-METAL R of the Regult Battlepod, both the small and heavy missile carrier types and the officer's Battlepod, the Glaug which will be released on May 2016, following the release of the regular Regult.

What makes the HI-METAL R toys attractive to collect (aside from the posability and detailing) are the upcoming display bases that can display your collection, Macross style. Check out the upcoming STAGE ACT display bases designed for the HI-METAL R Macross figures, the one I liked is the UN SPACY Launcher arm base for the VF-1 which is absolutely worth to display on my shelf.

Aside from the HI-METAL R toys, Bandai will also be releasing die-cast metal figurines that will be released in the newly Absolute Chogokin line, check out the images of VFs VF-1S which was released as Figure-Oh exclusive, VF-1J Tamashii Nations 2015 that was given out who purchased Limited Edition tickets and it was given as an exclusive bonus item, VF-1A Movie version, the Zentradi mecha Glaug and Regult.

The biggest surprise of all for us Macross fans is yet to come, as Bandai unveils a DX Soul of Chogokin version of Hikaru Ichijo's VF-1J Valkyrie which is the first Macross figure that will be released in the line, standing at 40cm in height (in Battroid mode) and it has working LED light gimmick in the toy. There are no details as of yet if the armor parts of this figure are removable, but  for now check out this awesome figure with a height comparison between with the reissue VF-1J die-cast figure.

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