Special Report: Macross Δ TV Series Officially Unveiled

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In celebration of the Macross' 33rd anniversary, a new TV series has officially unveiled and Macross Δ (symbol pronounced Delta) is the official title of the upcoming new series.

The series was unveiled at the "'Chō Jikū' Seisaku Happyōkai" ("The Super Dimension" Production Unveiling) event to the press at the Tamashii Nations 2015 (an event organized by Bandai which it was opened to the public last Friday, October 30), that was also live streamed internationally Thursday morning (Manila time). Macross creator/mecha designer Shoji Kawamori and Studio Nue are at helm once more with this project with Kawamori also serves as the series' chief director and SATELIGHT will once again produce the series since Macross Frontier in 2007. The triangle symbol Delta that Kawamori noted in his speech at a previous event is made of triangular symbols to symbolize the three main thematic elements themes of Macross: music, a love triangle, and Valkyries. However, he also noted that the two symbols are split, and explained that this is indicative that the three elements will not come together as expected in the new story.

The series will take place in the year 2067, 8 years after the previous series, Macross Frontier, the setting will be on an unnamed planet on the frontier of the galaxy where there are two factions: Tactical Sound squad Walküre, the first major songstress group ever in the Macross franchise (since Macross 7's Jamming birds and Macross Digital VF-X's Milky Dolls) and Aerial Knights of the Kingdom of Wind. The upcoming series' taglines, "Flying Walküre" and "Reveberating Wind, noting the said 2 factions.

The story centers (so far) around Freyja Wion; an aspiring idol who is full of spirit, always smiling and she is also a member of five girl Tactical Sound squad Walküre as they battle the Var Syndrome that is consuming the galaxy. Freyja is voiced by 18-year old Minori Suzuki and the winner of the recent Macross singer auditions which she landed the role among the 8,000 girls who auditioned.


Of course, like all of the previous Macross series which features a Valkyrie variable fighter mecha that transforms to 3 modes: Fighter, Gerwalk and Battroid. The new series will feature two new Variable Fighter designs: The VF-31 Siegfried; which believed to be the mass production version of the YF-30 Chronos prototype that appeared in the video game, Macross 30 and the Sv-262 Draken III which name came from a Swedish fighter Saab 35 Draken which Kawamori noted that he has been fan of Draken fighter since he was a child and this was inspired him to name that fighter. These two designs were first appeared in the teaser poster which both are in an aerial dogfight.

Its noted that two fighters have exhausts in different colors, Kawamori explained that this is because the fighters come from different manufacturers. He also noted that he has been deliberately avoiding more direct design inspirations from current real-life fighters, since stealth considerations have made real fighters look more similar and harder to distinguish from each other and designing the mechas. As its mentioned above, the series that will have aerial dogfights between Valkyries; a theme which was also featured in the previous OVA series; Macross Plus and Macross Zero, Kawamori admits that theme has not been the focus in a Macross television series in a long time.

Aside from the the Valkyries, classic Macross mecha will appear in the series as well, new designs of the Destroids and the Zentradi Regult and Glaug Battlepods as seen in the teaser trailer (we'll get to that later). All of the mechas that will appear in the series are done in CG animation while the character animation will still be in 2D.


Since the new series is coming soon, toy maker giant Bandai unveiled the upcoming toys for Macross Δ. Bandai unveils the VF-31 Siegfried and Sv-262 Draken III figures that will be released in the DX Chogokin line soon. Although the Siegfried and Draken III's prototypes were unveiled, only the DX Chogokin Siegfried sample toy is on display at Tamashii Nations 2015, where its shown all of its 3 modes.

Of course, if Bandai will soon release the DX Chogokin versions, we expect that they will release plastic model kit versions as well. Although there are no news as of yet. we'll keep updates on that one as there's news.

Production Staff

Aside from Kawamori from being the chief director, he is also the Valkyrie mecha designer for the series as well, while Stanislas Brunet will provide the other mechanic designs. Kenji Yasuda (Arata: The Legend, Noein - to your other self, Sōsei no Aquarion Love) is directing at SATELIGHT. Toshizo Nemoto (Inu X Boku Secret Service, Log Horizon, Tokyo Majin) is serving the overall supervising and writing of the scripts for the series. Chisato Mita (CAPCOM's E.X. Troopers game) is the original character designer, but Majiro (Barakamon, Nagareboshi Lens, Ongaku Shōjo) and Yuu Shindou (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, Persona 4 the Golden Animation) are adapting her designs into the animation while Hidetaka Tenjin is credited as the "Macross visual artist."

Aside from the above mentioned, additional production staff are involved in working on the series:

                  Color Key Artist: Kanako Hayashi
                  Art Directors: Shigemi Ikeda (Atelier Musa), Yukiko Maruyama (Atelier Musa)
                  Worldview Design: Thomas Romain
                  Art Design: Vincento Niemu
                  Director of Photography: Atsushi Iwasaki (T2 Studio)
                  CG Director: Hironori Morino
                  CG Supervisor: Hiroyuki Kashima (unknownCASE)
                  CG Animation Director: Atsushi Sakiyama (unknownCASE)
                  Editor: Kentarou Tsubone (REAL-T)
                  Sound Production: Flying Dog
                  Sound Director: Masafumi Mima

Teaser Trailer

The event has shown us a less than 2-minute teaser trailer for us what to expect for this upcoming series. Check out the teaser trailer video below:

A preview of Macross Δ special will air on Japanese television on New Year's Eve, and according to the staff teased that rumors that it might air all-but-complete first episode of Macross Δ" in the special.

Macross Δ preview special will air December 31 6PM (Japan time) on TOKYO MX, BS11.

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