Gundam News: Robot Damashii Barzam Kai Official Images

Posted on 7:22 PM by Robot Pilipinas

If Bandai gave us the MS Girl version of the Refined Barzam aka Barzam Kai (Kai is the Japanese word for custom), meet the actual mobile suit, immortalized as figure in the Robot Damashii line and it will be released as a Tamashii Web shop exclusive.

The upcoming Barzam Kai is a retooled version of the Gundam Mk. II Titans version which most of the parts are from the latter suit and the figure features with a new skirt armor, a new front torso and the distinct Barzam head. The Barzam Kai will include 2 beam sabers, Beam rifle with a grenade launcher attached underneath the rifle's barrel, Hyper bazooka, 3 Energy packs, shield, optional set of hands and a Vulcan pod that can be attached to the suit's head.

Pre-orders for this figure starts this Christmas day and it will be released this coming June 2016. The Robot Damashii Barzam Kai is priced at 8,964 Yen.

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