Transformers News: 1st Look: Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Primal Prototype Image Revealed

Posted on 6:19 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Thanks to TFW2005, we have now clear images of the upcoming Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Primal (aka Beast Convoy in Japan) figure, in prototype form.

As we all know the TF Masterpiece line was originally to cater show accurate Generation 1 characters in toy form that we've all grown and love, but with the announcement of Optimus Primal, this changes everything as the line might no longer caters to one generation, but it will now probably serve all of the Transformers series as a whole.

Anyway, going back to the subject, image scan taken from the latest issue of Figure-Oh magazine where we can see Optimus Primal has some intricate detail on the figure (not bad, TakaraTomy), not only that the upcoming figure represents a CG show accurate of the Boss monkey, it will also feature his full gorilla mode in standing and on all fours, faithful to the animation.

The figure will feature all of Primal's weapons: namely  his spinal swords, shoulder and arm cannons, a lighting gimmick which lights-up his robotic eyes and it will also include 3 different gorilla facial expressions. To be honest, this the best Optimus Primal figure to date when this figure comes out soon, and I can't wait to see what the colored version of this figure looks like.

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