Transformers News: Unite Warriors Bruticus, Blast-Off Prototype Images Revealed

Posted on 4:31 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Following Hisashi Yuki's teaser tweet of the upcoming Unite Warriors Bruticus 2 weeks ago, we were wondering what the Japanese version of the toy looks like, but now we have prototype images of the Decepticon combiner and I'll say its absolutely gorgeous!

Taken from the latest issue of Figure-Oh magazine, we see the other Combaticon members, Brawl, Swindle and their leader Onslaught's designs remained unchanged, but the biggest change are the remaining members, Blast-Off and Vortex. While Vortex is still a recolored version of Combiner Wars Alpha Bravo and as I said in my last post (and looking at the silhouette pic), he was slightly retooled: instead of two rotor blades in his helicopter mode, the Japanese version will have 4 rotor blades, faithful to his Generation 1 version.

Now there's Blast-Off as revealed in the image above, he was given an all new toy mold rather a heavy retooling of his Combiner Wars version of the toy which he now transforms his classic space shuttle mode, instead of a jet and the robot mode pays homage to his G1 animation model, all I can say its pretty damn sweet. Though I'm turned off with the gaps on his legs, but TakTomy might fixed this soon. As for his combiner port, instead it will rotate out at the front, Blast-Off's combiner peg will be rotated at the back, which this mold is so unique compared to the other combiner molds.

It was announced that Bruticus will be released this coming June for a price tag of 15,000 Yen. Thanks to TFW2005 for this huge news.

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