Transformers News: Unite Warriors Bruticus Teaser Image Released

Posted on 2:34 PM by Robot Pilipinas

TF designer Hisashi Yuki posted in his Twitter account a teaser image of the next Unite Warriors gestalt set and its none other than the Combaticon gestalt, Bruticus.

Based on the silhouette image, Bruticus will get a major and minor retool on its limbs. First is Blast-Off, since we all know that in the Combiner Wars line, Blast-Off's vehicle is an aircraft rather than his original space shuttle alt mode, but in the UW line and as expected from TakaraTomy, he will be given his original alt mode in this release and it will be heavily retooled to look like a shuttle rather than an aircraft, I wonder if they will change the head as well to look like more G1 accurate, but we can expect that from TakTomy since they have already released the previous combiners based on their G1 look, it will not different for Bruticus and I can't wait to see the new changes in the mold.

The second change is Vortex, we all know he is a retooled version of CW Alpha Bravo sporting 2 rotor blades, but in the UW, he will be given 4 rotor blades. We expect that Bruticus' colors will be based on his original G1 color scheme as rest of the recently released combiners. For those who have not bought the CW Bruticus toy, well here's your chance to get one as the Japanese version is more G1 accurate and improved retooling than Hasbro's release.

No information as of yet when Bruticus will be released, so stay tuned for further developments. For now check out Yuki's tweet. Thanks to TFW2005 for the heads-up.

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